ya kullo ya balash

by Stormtrap / Asifeh

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today, i'll focus on the meaning and not just the flow
systems restricting us from messing with the system that restricts us

he gets scared when i say 67
i want to see his reaction when i say 48

to come and build your country we're welcome,
but if we mention zionism its a red line

he says that the two state solution is near
must be joking or hallucinating

do you want a state?
then forget the right of return
do you want a state?
maybe we'll give you a piece

then tell me what about gaza and the west bank?
we'll build you an underground tunnel, should be enough

what about jerusalem, how should we reach it?
forget jerusalem, you have the capital of ramallah!

and what about the rest of the land, if i may ask?
go apply for a permit, try your luck, get disappointed

and regarding the 5 million refugees?
if they're non-jewish they arent allowed to return

but international law defends our rights?!
please repeat your question, the word "law" doesn't exist in our dictionary

i'm tired of this situation, tired of how we're being taken advantage of
they make a big fuss that they're tolerating us
then they talk palestine, using us for their own interests
but no thanks, dont want to owe you anything

and because we demand our rights theyre all against us now
we were dead, but now resurrected

i defend my rights with my words and my body
only to find someone who doesnt represent me signing under my name

i dont want to bother you, but you have to listen to your people's demands
or else the people will stand in your face

they keep saying the old will die and the young will forget
but today we proved their theory wrong

its either all or nothing..
less than that we won't accept, we don't want


released May 26, 2011
vocals by stormtrap
scratches by kolonel bleep




Stormtrap / Asifeh

Stormtrap is a music producer/MC from Palestine. Experimenting with old samples, instruments, and field recordings, and combining all that with hip hop beats. His lyrics deal with different themes inspired mainly by his personal experiences in Palestine. Stormtrap played a fundemental role in forming the band Ramallah Underground, with which he has performed worldwide. ... more

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